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Thinking About Winter Plants? Think Christmas!

Surprisingly, there are actually many seasonal winter plants and those that thrive in colder weather. In the St. Louis area, the winter weather is on the cold side for several months of the year so choosing floral gifts can sometimes seem like a challenge. One good rule of thumb for choosing winter plants is to “think Christmas.” Nearly any plant that is associated with this iconic winter holiday will usually thrive in winter weather. Here are a few examples of Christmas-themed plants you may want to consider either for yourself or for a gift.

Blooming gift basket with mums poinsettias ivy lavender and more


When you think of flowers, you probably think of Chrysanthemums. However, you’ll likely want to purchase them in a floral arrangement if you want to enjoy the blooms during winter. The bulbs and plants themselves are hardy and will withstand the winter weather in many places. However, they won’t usually bloom until spring has sprung. If you do have a greenhouse, you may be able to coax a bloom out yourself–but the big, bountiful chrysanthemums you see in holiday centerpieces may be best left to the professionals.

Large Poinsettia In A 10 Inch Diameter Pot


Another one of the iconic red flowers of winter is the poinsettia. While they will survive the winter, they should be brought inside (away from pets and children) so a greenhouse or safe window away from kids and animals is best. Many people who have a “green thumb” will keep a gift poinsettia growing year-round!

Holiday Garden Basket


There are literally thousands of different types of ivy, many of which are some of the best plants for cold weather. It is important to research any type of ivy before you plant it to make sure it will not be overwhelming for your garden. However, you can always enjoy it in a floral arrangement during the holidays with no worries.


Does any other plant scream Christmas more than the mistletoe? It grows on sprigs on “host trees.” It grows year-round and isn’t too difficult for even gardening amateurs to plant. Plant in spring and it should be ready to harvest come winter.

Aromatic Christmas Tree

Christmas Trees

Any type of evergreen tree by nature of the name alone is hardy enough to withstand winter temperatures. However, did you know that Christmas trees come in all sizes? Consider this desk-size tree that is perfect for gift-giving this holiday season. Rosemary, lavender and lemon cypress plants have the look of a Christmas tree plus you’ll have a delicious aroma and fresh herbs at your fingertips all year long. What could be better than that?

Finally, remember that if you’re giving cut flowers for a gift, the sky’s the limit! Check out the many options available at Walter Knoll Florist. One of our more popular options for local delivery is the Kalanchoe Explosion.

This is not your typical Christmas plant by any means–but instead allows you to bring a touch of the tropics to a friend or loved one. Sometimes, you need a break from the snow and mistletoe. Whether you’re looking for tropical elegance or Christmas tradition, Walter Knoll Florist has your floral needs covered.