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Posted by wkf on November 17, 2017 | Last Updated: November 10, 2020 Uncategorized

Traditional Holiday Office Decor

Who doesn’t love a poinsettia?

At Walter Knoll Florist, we know what time it is when the poinsettias start rolling up – the most wonderful time of the year! Available in pink, white and even orange, it’s that classic red version that we see so often, cheering up doorsteps and entryways across the U.S. And while the poinsettia is definitely the plant of Christmas, it’s also the seasonal plant of choice for offices and businesses looking to holiday-up their spaces, too. And who can blame them?

Decorating with this winter bloomer is easy. Group several around a front desk or other point of entry area in your workplace for a bold statement with little effort. Size down and place single plants on every coworker’s desk. These look great on conference tables or on side tables in waiting rooms. They’re never out of place, whether you put them on a reception desk or the windowsill or lining the steps up to your place of business.

These days, poinsettias come with lots of seasonal embellishments like pine cones and berries. You’ll seem them in plant assortments or rising up from a bed of evergreen. They can come in fun seasonal basket containers or sparkly pots, and their range of sizes makes them real winners in the flexibility department.

The whole office will appreciate the gift of a poinsettia (or two, or eight), and it won’t take much to take care of them, either. Let us at Walter Knoll Florist help make your workplace a little more merry with a poinsettia delivery. We don’t mind playing Santa.