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You Won’t Believe Why Flowers Are the Best Valentine’s Gift for Him!

Love is in the air in St. Louis, which means the most romantic day of the year is just around the corner. If you’re still trying to decide what to get your husband or boyfriend for Valentine’s Day, look no further than your local flower shop. At Walter Knoll Florist, you can find a variety of great Valentine’s gifts for men, including flowers, that your main man is sure to adore (almost as much as you)!

Why You Should Definitely Get Him Flowers for Valentine’s Day, According to Science

Flowers might seem like a slightly strange gift option for a man, but they’re actually quite smart. Studies have shown that men who receive flowers become more open and communicative, in addition to standing closer to those around them and making stronger eye contact — all elements that are necessary for cultivating an intimate relationship. If you’re hoping to spend a romantic day with your significant other, you might want to take science’s word for it and send him flowers.

Our Top Valentine’s Gifts for Guys


One dozen of the finest Ecuadorian roses carefully hand selected and arranged in their natural beauty --this bouquet comes in a quality glass vase. Six each of red and whtie.

One Dozen Red & White Roses

1. Roses

Roses are appropriate for both men and women. On Valentine’s Day, red roses are the most popular choice because they symbolize romantic love. Surprise your beau with a heartfelt sentiment spelled out in red roses paired with white blooms to let him know how you feel.






Ceramic fire truck approximately 5" wide by 7" long loaded with white HYDRANGEAS, ROSES, HYPERICUM and SUCCULENTS. Any Dad would love this RED HOT planter on his desk. Local metro St Louis area delivery only!

Fire Truckin’

2. Succulents

If your guy has a busy schedule, then a low-maintenance gift of succulents is the perfect choice. Choose a succulent garden to gift him with the easy-to-care-for beauty of a variety of succulent plants in an attractive container.





A miniature living garden – perfect for a desk, kitchen counter or sideboard – will add the beauty of the outdoors to any setting, and provide a focus for quiet contemplation. A selection of green plants is florist-arranged with rocks and sand in a simple glass cylinder, and then hand-delivered.

Garden In Glass

3. Green Garden

Dish gardens and terrariums are popular choices for men who might not fully appreciate a floral bouquet. These little wonders are like miniature gardens for inside the home or office. They’re composed of carefully cultivated and selected plants that will thrive in a variety of indoor conditions. One of our favorites is our Garden in Glass which includes a selection of green plants and moss that grow in a large, glass cylinder.






Anthurium,Ginger, Bird of Paradise, Equisetum and seeded eucalyptus are arranged with curly willow in 8"bubble bowl.

Tropic Bubble

4. Tropical Flowers

Tropical flowers bloom in fiery hues and have interesting shapes and unusual textures that tend to work really well in the types of contemporary floral designs men love. Like a peaceful getaway, our Tropic Bubble features birds of paradise, anthurium, and ginger with red roses and bamboo accents in a fashionable glass bubble.






Popular purple liatris is arranged by one of our many artistic designers with sunflowers, tropical leucadenron, lily grass, galex, swordfern and other greens and berries in a 5" square slate colored planter. Arrangement is approx 12" tall.

Artful Bouquet

5. Sunflowers

Sunflowers are a perfect choice for a man who knows how to appreciate natural beauty. These large, sunny blooms bring a rustic appeal to any bouquet lucky enough to feature them. Our Artful bouquet creatively uses sunflowers in a unique color-blocking design of yellow, brick red, purple, and green. This compact design will look great displayed on a desktop or in the home.




How to Choose the Perfect Floral Gift for Your Guy

At first, shopping for flowers for a man can seem like a scary task, but you’ll find out quickly it’s actually pretty easy because there are so many designs to choose from. We recommend looking for more masculine floral arrangements by avoiding those that have pastel or feminine color palettes. It’s best to go for designs that feature strong, vibrant colors like jewel tones, primaries, and even monochromatic color palettes.

If you’re not sure what sort of floral gift to get for your guy this Valentine’s Day, don’t worry! Our experts at Walter Knoll Florist are happy to help. Whether you order online, in person, or over the phone, we’ll provide you with professional advice and personalized recommendations to help you select the perfect floral arrangement or plant for your husband or boyfriend on Valentine’s Day!